• Apr 19, 2016
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Designing For Children

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Featuring: Catherine-Lucie Horber of Royal Interior Design

When designing a room for a child you want to make sure you create a room that they’ll love but also that will grow with them. Interior designer, Catherine-Lucie Horber, shares the importance of working with children and tapping into their creativity to create a room that you will both love for many years to come. Whether your child’s inspiration is a favorite movie, character or toy, you can incorporate elements in the room that they will love but will also adapt as their tastes change.


Catherine-Lucie Horber is the owner of Royal Interior Design Ltd. She is dedicated to creating distinctive and personal lifestyle based interiors that are designed to enhance how you live with an understated yet elegant and affordable luxury. To view more of her work, visit www.royalinteriordesign.ca.

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